Les Signaraux


If you are planning a quiet stay in the Alps of Isère this winter, and you are a ski beginner and feel that a day or two on the pistes is enough for you, then Les Signaraux - located in the massif of Oisans and more precisely in Matheysine country - should attract your attention. There is no accommodation on offer on site but there is a ski shack, the place is very quiet and you’ll be sliding down the slope just a few minutes after your arrival! No rush, no crowds, this is a great area for relaxing skiing, learners, or for a single day of nordic skiing. In this confidential setting, you will enjoy the untamed mountain atmosphere at its best, complete with an awe-inspiring view of the neighbouring mountains of Vercors and Chartreuse.

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Prices Domaine des Signaraux:

Adulte 1/2 journée : 4,00 €
Adulte 1 journée : 6,00 €
Enfant 1/2 journée : 3,00 €
Enfant 1 journée : 5,00 €

Prices Domaine nordique des Signaraux:

Adulte 1/2 journée : de 5,00 à 5,00 €
Adulte 1 journée : 7,00 €
Adulte 1 semaine : de 36,00 à 36,00 €
Enfant 1 journée : de 3,50 à 3,50 €

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Mairie Motte d'Aveillans

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Les Signaraux

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