La Ruchère

La Ruchère

Highly appreciated by Grenoble’s inhabitants, La-Ruchère-en-Chartreuse is solely dedicated to nordic skiing, and offers 35 kilometres of tracks of various levels of difficulty between heights of 1165m and 1450m.

The nordic skiing area occupies a plateau and opens onto the beautiful meadows of the Riondettes and the Arpison. Ski-touring is also on offer here - on the slopes of the resort’s highest point, le Petit Som (1770m high) - as well as marked snowshoeing tracks. Do not expect much accommodation in La Ruchère, although it does boast a pleasant holiday cottage, where a stay will allow you to benefit from the tranquil ‘far removed’ feel exuded by the village, and to enjoy the beauty and authenticity of the Chartreuse environment.

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Prices Domaine nordique de la Ruchère:

Adulte 1 journée : de 7,70 à 7,70 €
Adulte 1 semaine : de 28,00 à 28,00 €
Enfant 1 journée : de 3,50 à 3,50 €
Enfant 1 semaine : de 11,50 à 11,50 €

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Centre nordique de la Ruchère

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La Ruchère

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