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Motor home parking

Aire Camping Car Courtenay - OT Balcons du Dauphin

This free parking area does not have access to water or waste disposal. It is a pretty place to stop for the night at the bottom of the village, and is appreciated by holidaymakers.

The ground was stabilised to retain the natural aspect of the site, some shrubs were planted and a solid wood table made by a local craftsman was attached to the ground. The site totally respects the local environment.
Since this area does not have the necessary infrastructure for waste disposal, holidaymakers are asked to take their waste away with them. Recycling containers and bins are available at the entrance of the cemetery just next to the church in the village square.

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Tax not included.

Aire Camping Car Courtenay - OT Balcons du DauphinAire Camping Car Courtenay - OT Balcons du DauphinAire de campings cars de Courtenay
Information updated on 12/11/2020 by Office du Tourisme Les Balcons du Dauphiné

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Motor home parking

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