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Vercors massif

This itinerary starts in Pont-en-Royans, a picturesque village with houses clinging to the cliffs. The route begins by winding through the Isère valley and then zigzags up the slopes of the Vercors. It then descends to Choranche and the Bournes canyons.

Take the D518 towards Valence from Pont-en-Royans, then the D531 through Auberives-en-Royans. Turn right at the D531/D1532 roundabout.
Continue on the D1532 for about 400m before turning left onto a local road.
Turn left on the D71A turn towards La Sone, pass through Les Loyes. Turn left on the D71, then immediately right towards St-Romans.
At the crossroads with the D1532, turn left towards Grenoble.
At the traffic lights, turn left onto the D518.
Turn right before the Beauvoir bridge onto the D31. At the crossroads with the D153, turn left on the D1532 for 200 m, then turn right onto the D31.
Pass through Saint-Pierre-de-Chérennes and launch up the difficult climb to Le Faz.
Turn right at the D292.
Go through Presles, then downhill to Pont-en-Royans on the D292, then the D531.

Technical information

Cycle sports, Signposted Cycling routes

Target clientele:
For experts / practiced

43 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
970 m

Elevation drop:
970 m

Daily duration:
2h 40m

Terrain type:
Hard coating (tar, cement, flooring)

Practical information

Free of charge

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Office de tourisme Saint-Marcellin Vercors Isère

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  • Grande Rue
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From 01/05 to 31/10.
Subject to favorable weather.


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Vercors massif

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