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From Uriage-Les-Bains to Belledonne mountain range

This itinerary starts in the spa resort, Uriage-les-Bains. It winds along a moderate slope through a series of tranverse valleys and combes as far as Saint-Pierre-d'Allevard, a few kilometres from the other spa resort in the massif: Allevard-les-Bains.

Take the D280 from Uriage-les-Bains towards Chamrousse.
Pass through the centre of Saint-Martin-d'Uriage. 400 m from the centre, carry on along the D280 towards Allevard.
3 km after Col du Barioz, turn left onto the D280i towards Sailles-le-Bas.
Turn left at the crossroads of the D525 and D280i. Continue along the D525 for 1 km, then turn right onto the D78.
Turn left at Arthaudière on the local road to the D523.
Turn left towards Grenoble, pass through Goncelin, then turn left at Villard-Bozon on the D29. Turn right on the D30 to reach the D523 and the centre of Tencin.
Continue on the D523 towards Grenoble.
In La Pierre, turn left onto the D250a then the D250 towards Froges. Turn left towards Grenoble at the crossroads with the D523.
In Gières, turn left onto the D164, then take the D524 to return to the start.

The route passes through a multitude of pretty villages. Each bend reveals new scenes of the Isère valley and the Chartreuse. The return trip is via the Grésivaudan valley, a wide and flat glacier valley where the Isère river flows.

Technical information

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Target clientele:
For experts / practiced

105 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
2314 m

Elevation drop:
2329 m

Daily duration:
6h 30m

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Free of charge

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Many farms produce a variety of excellent honey including spring honey, acacia honey, multi-flower honey and mountain honey. Some producers set up their hives in the mountain pastures for the summer.

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Office Thermal et Touristique d'Uriage-les-Bains

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  • 5 avenue des Thermes
    B.P. 10
    38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage

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From 01/05 to 31/10.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


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From Uriage-Les-Bains to Belledonne mountain range

5 avenue des Thermes
B.P. 10
38410 Saint-Martin-d'Uriage

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