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Doorway to the Alpes

In a triangle between Bourgoin-Jallieu, Vienne and Lyon, this ride takes you through gently hilly countryside with the first peaks of the Alpes in the background.

Start from Meyrieu-les-Étangs. Head for the "Base de Loisirs" then take direction Saint-Anne-sur-Gervonde.
Carry on via La Molière and Tramolet, then La Combe to reach the D1085.
Turn left to return to your starting point via Rivoire and Culin.

The route is lined with crops, groves and ponds. Pass through hamlets and villages with adobe construction, a traditional local material that imbues the landscape with golden reflections.

Technical information

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24 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
286 m

Elevation drop:
279 m

Daily duration:
1h 30m

Practical information

Free of charge

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Bourgoin brioche: this 5-century-old delicacy was created in 1449 when future King Louis XI stayed in the city. To honour the dauphin, the bakers prepared a crown-shaped cake made with flour, milk, honey, eggs and leaven. Later, in the 19th century a Bourgoin baker decided to decorate his brioche with granules of red and white sugar, praline and sugared almonds. Now one of the symbols of Bourgoin-Jallieu, it is available in all the bakeries in the area.

History, culture and heritage

Bourgoin-Jallieu museum: a community museum, admission is free for all. The exhibitions feature two themes: the textile industry, the driving force behind the region's manufacturing identity, and the work of Victor Charreton, a post-impressionist landscape painter. It is the only museum in the Rhône-Alpes region to exhibit fabric printing, a fully-fledged activity for the Lyon silk factory. The museum tells the story of expertise that has been developing in the region for over two centuries, from the first printing stamps to the latest computerised technology.
Montjoux pond is an environmentally sensitive natural area: located 2 km from Saint-Jean-de-Bournay, it is a fine example of biodiversity with many birds, amphibians, fish and invertebrates. The magnificent reedbed makes it a perfect breeding site for water birds such as crested grebes, coots, water hens, and the rare purple heron in spring and summer. Observe migratory birds from the dike.
Leisure centre: still in and around the water, but more fun, Le Moulin leisure centre is located in Meyrieu-les-Étangs. With a natural area of 20 ha, including 9 hectares of lake, there is canoeing, kayaking, fishing, ping-pong, mini-golf and much more.
What's more! Life-guarded swimming and water slides. Why not discover the region at a different pace? Give your bike a rest and try one of the many hiking trails that wind through this densely forested area and where many remains of prehistoric times can be seen. Along the way, note hundreds of ponds with remarkable fauna and flora, and adobe constructions in picturesque hamlets and villages.

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Isère Porte des Alpes

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  • 38440 Meyrieu-les-Étangs

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From 01/01 to 31/12.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


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Doorway to the Alpes

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