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The Clariant loop: from pastureland to fairway - from Villard-de-Lans

From Villard de Lans, the Via Vercors cycle path takes you to Corrençon via the Cote 2000 ski resort and the remarkable hamlet of Les Pouteils. All the way, you'll admire the fabulous mountains that tower above the resort and the lush green pastures.

Starting at the Colline des Bains luge park, head for the sports college and follow the orange Via Vercors signs towards Le Frier and Le Rojasset. Gather speed here, before tackling the steep path up to Le Rojasset! You’ll find yourself on a picturesque hill with a lovely southern feel. The Arrêtes du Gerbier peaks stand before you. The path continues downhill and passes just below the Cote 2000 ski resort. Cross the main road to reach Les Pouteils, a hamlet of typical architecture. The Via Vercors cycle path continues to the hamlet of Les Bouchards. Stop for a break to enjoy the soothing sight of grazing cows and freshen up at the wooden ponds. Beware, at Les Bouchards, the Via Vercors skirts around the houses before taking a steep downhill slope! Control your speed! The path continues to the hamlet of Les Traverses where you’ll reach a vehicle track as you enter Corrençon. Follow this carefully, staying well on the side and, when you reach Les Maréchaux, cross the road and go left, back towards the village centre. This leads to the village square.
From there, stay on the tarmac road that passes the Grolle restaurant and heads for Les Mengots. At the crossroads in Les Mengots, turn left. This lane leads to the main road up to the golf course. At the golf course, take the wide track marked GR91 and follow it to the Auberge du Clariant. You’ll pass the biathlon firing line before climbing to the Champ de la Bataille gîte. After one more gentle climb you’ll arrive at the Auberge du Clariant, a restaurant in a natural decor forged by the hands of coal workers. Take a gourmet break on the terrace and enjoy the wonderful setting. For the return trip, follow the small track behind the restaurant, down through the woods to the Charmeyenne meadow. From there, turn left onto the track towards Les Eyssarteaux which takes you straight to the golf course. Finally, as an alternative route back to the Tourist Office, from the golf course car park, cross the wide bend to pick up the singletrack path indicated by a GR91 waymarker. This narrow path leads to the village centre via Les Rambins. It crosses fields and passes the Maison des Enfants and another log cabin before ending at Les Jambets. From there, you can turn left onto a small tarmac road that takes you back to the Tourist Office from where you can return to Villard de Lans by retracing the route taken on the outward trip.

Technical information

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Target clientele:
For beginners / novice

Practical information

Pets allowed
Borne de recharge pour 2 roues électriques
WC publics
Aire de pique-nique
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Parking gratuit
Free of charge

History, culture and heritage

Villard-de-Lans hosted the sled-racing events when the Olympic Games were held in Grenoble. At the time, the sled run was about one kilometre long and started at an elevation of 1,100 metres. Its only remaining section has been converted into a summer luge. The sled races took place at “Le Bois du Prier”, a locality very near Villard-de-Lans in the Vercors region. The run was built through the pines in June 1966. Its ideal location allowed competitors to reach speeds of between 90 and 110 km/h.
By following the Via Vercors you’ll pass close to the top of the run. Don’t hesitate to stop and let your imagination take you back to the event.

Cyclist facilities

You'll find Ebike rental outlets along the itinerary as well as 2 Ebike charging stations.

Contact details & information

Office Municipal de Tourisme de Villard de Lans

Getting here

  • La Colline des Bains
    38250 Villard-de-Lans

Starts at Colline des Bains luge park.

Opening times

From 01/05 to 01/11.
Subject to favorable weather.


Free access.


Information updated on 10/08/2020 by Office de Tourisme de Corrençon en Vercors

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The Clariant loop: from pastureland to fairway - from Villard-de-Lans

La Colline des Bains
38250 Villard-de-Lans

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