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Between Autrans and Méaudre

This circular route follows quiet roads from Autrans to Méaudre at the northern end of Vercors natural park. With low gradients, this route is ideal for the whole family.

Start in Thorénas and head towards Les GOnnets hamlet.
Then turn left towards Méaudre.
In Méaudre, turn left towards Les Gerboux, past Piaillon, then turn right towards Autrans.
Continue along the the D106C via Andrévière to Les Gonnets, then Thorénas.

This short circular route through pretty countryside gives way to a breathtaking panorama from Molière ridges and a more discreet natural curiosity - a blowhole in Méaudre.

Technical information

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14 km

Trail type:

Elevation gain:
182 m

Elevation drop:
181 m

Daily duration:

Practical information

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Gratin dauphinois (by Régis Aribert, from La Buffe hotel-restaurant in Autrans):
3 kg of potatoes
1 L milk
1 L of fresh Vercors cream
Preparation: Peel the potatoes, cut them into thin 1-2 mm strips. Boil the milk and cream together. When boiling, put the sliced potatoes in a pan and salt. Cook over low heat with a lid for 45 minutes. Spread the potatoes in a baking dish and add fresh cream. Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes. Cooking the potatoes in milk and cream, the particularity of Régis Aribert's recipe, makes the gratin deliciously smooth.
Also, his recipe does not include cheese. The golden finish is due to the reduction of the fresh cream. La Buffe: Tel. +33 (04) 76 94 70 70.

History, culture and heritage

The Molière mountain pasture: the land above Autrans is a traditional grazing area for heifers. It is home to a wide variety of plants (orchids etc.) and animals (marmots, chamois, deer and black grouse). The plateau is listed as a special natural zone for ecology, fauna and floria (Znieff). Climb the extra few kilometres and be rewarded by an exceptional panoramic view the Molière ridges: Belledonne, the Chartreuse, the Ecrins and even Mont Blanc!

The Gève plateau: a legendary destination for cross-country skiers in winter, the plateau is a beautiful meadow surrounded by forests in summer. You can eat at the Gève refuge, and relax in an outdoor Nordic bath heated with wood. Ideal for soothing aches and pains! The ski jumps in Autrans date back to the 1968 Winter Olympics that put the village on the international map for Nordic skiing. The jumps (70 m, 56 m and 20 m) are still in operation and continue the long tradition of ski jumping in Autrans. They can also be used in summer thanks to a synthetic coating. An orientation table at the top of the 70-metre springboard explains the surroundings.

A blowhole: in upper Méaudre, the blowhole is a crack that exhales the air from the depths. A vertical gallery joins a vast underground network where water from the Autrans-Méaudre valley is stored, towards the resurgence of the Goule Noire in the Gorges de la Bourne.

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Between Autrans and Méaudre

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