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Around Paladru lake

A beautiful blue jewel in a natural green showcase, Lac de Paladru provides a stunning backdrop to this itinerary, which also passes by archaeological and heritage gems such as the Musée de Charavines and Château de Virieu.

Start in Charavines: head towards the leisure centre, then continue along the shores of Lac de Paladru.
In Montferrat, just after the La Véronnière marsh, turn right towards Saint-Pierre-de-Paladru.
Then turn left towards Valencogne and continue on the D17 to Le Pin.
Continue on the D17, then turn left to return to the starting point.

This circular route follows the shores of France's 5th largest natural lake. Enjoy beautiful scenery of the lake with turquoise water and explore the rich heritage of the area.

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Cycle sports

28.8 km

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Elevation gain:
300 m

Elevation drop:
300 m

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-Les Vergers de Louisias in Charavines is a thatched farmhouse with adobe walls surrounded by orchards, It is listed as a historical monument.
Built in 1805, it is still in operation, offering delicious home-made products made from the fruits of the orchard (jams cooked in a cauldron without additives, quince paste, fruits in syrup, etc.), as well as seasonal fruit (strawberries, raspberries, plums, vine peaches, etc.).
Vergers de Louisias. Tel. 33 (0)4 76 06 66 14.

History, culture and heritage

Lac de Paladru: with glacier sources, Paladru is France's fifth largest natural lake. Known as the "blue lake" because of its colour, it is ideal for swimming when temperatures often climb to 25°C in summer. The main beaches are in the Charavines, Montferrat and Le Pin. Or try rowing, pedal boats and fishing. The surrounding forest-covered hills, peaking at 800 metres above sea level, bestow the site with incredible charm. Lac de Paladru is also a bountiful archaeological site, with remains found in underwater excavations. From civilisations from the Neolithic age and the early millennium, the internationally recognised remains are on display at the archaeological museum in Charavines.

The Grange Dîmière: discover the magnificent building called Grange Dîmière not far from the lake in the town of Le Pin. Dating back to the 17th century, this former annexe to Sylve Bénite's Carthusian monastery, a listed historical monument, was used to collect royalties in kind (including the tithe) and harvests from the estate. It is now a stunning venue for contemporary exhibitions. Another splendid vestige of the past, Château de Virieu, in Virieu-sur-Bourbre, dates back to 1,000. Visit the living rooms, bedrooms, chapel, kitchen and French gardens.

Château de Pupetières: the Virieu family also built the chatêau nearby in Châbons in the 13th century. Destroyed during the French Revolution, it was rebuilt in the neo-Medieval style by Eugène Viollet-le-Duc, who also restored Notre-Dame-de-Paris. The polychromy of the glazed tiles and the interior decorations bear witness to the revival of decorative arts at that time. This romantic monument inspired Lamartine and the painter Jongkind.

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Office de Tourisme du Pays Voironnais

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  • 38850 Charavines

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From 01/06 to 31/10.
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